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Contract Extraction, Purification &Research service

Pilot scale column chromatographic purification service

We hold expertise in providing our clients a comprehensive service of Isolation & Characterization.
1. Chromatographic Purification service of organic molecules
2. Chromatographic  Purification service of peptides
3. Chromatographic  Isolation of bio active molecules
4. Chromatographic  Purification of phytochemical molecules

Our services are cost effective.

If you are already saturated with orders we are here to play your role, you can still accept the order and Increase your reliability

with your customers


Just give us the extract and you let occupy yourself with your busy schedule , we work for you, with trusted quality of the 

outcome product (>95% purity) Give us the quantified extract and get your maximum of yield of many compounds which wroth

more at nominal price

The updated methods of our entity will use less solvents and less material which

ultimately another cost reducing factor , by using this contract purification service

Supporting production of pharmaceuticals and functional materials with purification technology GS Phyto support our customers’ production of

pharmaceuticals and/or functional materials with our purification technologies, which we have accumulated over many years.


Please feel free to contact us if chromatography purification  will be needed during the manufacturing of bio pharmaceuticals, chiral compounds, impurities etc.

We can optimize methods, depending on the objective and required purity, and

perform preparative purification using preparative, LC systems and packing materials, developed and produced in-house. In addition to ensuring qualification of target substances according to your request,

we will also propose an efficient separation method that may result in a cost reduction.

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